A roadmap to reduce risk, improve service delivery, and position your home care service to be the provider of choice

It’s no secret that the vast majority of Australians want to age at home. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety highlighted the importance of an effective home care system. The Aged Care reform agenda will bring seismic changes to home care, meaning providers that intend to be competitive in the ‘new world,’ must start now to position their service for new and innovative models of care. Leaders and governing bodies should be putting ‘their house in order’ and strategically planning for the future.   
At the Home Care Reform: Package Design & Governance Workshop, you will leave with a roadmap of practical strategies to competitively position and prepare your organisation for future changes.  You will gain a deeper understanding of the macro and micro home care operating environments, the reform changes, the Support at Home Program, as well as the risks and opportunities.  This workshop will assist you to navigate the complexities, identify your priorities and equip you with the knowledge to effectively plan for a range of scenarios.  
Our expert trainer, Lorraine Poulos is one of Australia’s leading home care experts.  Lorraine has a respected reputation for transforming complexity into simple, practical steps that can be readily implemented.

Workshop Leader


Lorraine Poulos
Managing Director

Expert facilitator, Lorraine Poulos is a Registered Nurse, Grad Cert. Health Service Management, Fellow Case Management Society of Australia, Qualified Lead Auditor Quality Systems, Certificate 1V Workplace Training and Education. Lorraine Poulos and 
Associates (LPA) is Australia’s leading home care training and consultancy specialist.

Why Attend

  • Assess the Home Care landscape now and in the future. 
  • Undertake an environmental scan of the macro and micro-operating environments.  
  • Conduct a ‘Readiness for Reform’ assessment of your service.  
  • Position your services to maximise your strengths, exploit the opportunities, minimise the threats and overcome the weaknesses. 
  • Identify sustainable and innovative service delivery models of care. 
  • Plan for a range of scenarios and assess the financial impacts using key metrics and ratios. 
  • Develop a digital transformational strategy for home care. 
  • Determine the workforce capability requirements with a strategic direction.  
  • Implement systems, structures and processes to ensure consumer safety, high-quality care and compliance with regulations. 
  • Assess current risk capability including a risk management framework for monitoring, managing and reporting risk. 
  • Identify key strategies for stakeholder engagement, co-design, marketing and positioning your service in the market. 
  • Identify and apply the tools and tactics needed for your takeaway Roadmap that will start you on your journey to a successful transition to the new world of home care.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed to comprehensively summarise what your service needs to have in place now and how it needs to be positioned to remain competitive in the coming years.

This workshop will be relevant for those in have a role in organisational planning and ensuring your service is sustainable, competitive, compliant and consumer-centred. 
  • Members of the governing body 
  • General Managers, CEOs, COOs, CFOs and Executive Directors 
  • Quality, Compliance, Governance and Performance Managers 
  • Care/Case Managers 
  • Personnel involved in the provision and management of aged care services 
  • Home Care Managers, Operations Managers


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